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March 18, 2009



It's July, the weather is glorious and the farmers market is in full swing! Joy of joys! Here is a gorgeous light easy lunch all you need is great produce:
Zucchini flower frittata with Arugula (rocket) salad with fresh peas, mint and dill.
Wash six flowers thoroughly, usually one finds various bugs hidden inside- they may be tasty, but we have not yet reached the time where we need to test them!
Then heat olive oil in pan (not high heat), wilt the zucchini flowers in the oil, season. Cook until base of the flower is soft.
Meanwhile beat 6 eggs in a bowl thoroughly, again lightly season.
Once the flowers are cooked, take them out and then add the beaten eggs to the pan. Cook eggs until a good bottom forms, then add the flowers laid out evenly, on top amongst the still-moving beaten eggs.
Cook for a couple of minutes more, then place under a hot grill or in a hot oven. The eggs will rise like clouds of fluff around the flowers. Let the top lightly brown, it will then be done.
Salad- wash all thoroughly and mix the arugula (preferably young leaves) with a little dill (it can overpower if too much), mint leaves and fresh shelled peas. Serve with superb balsamic (we all know the difference a really good one makes!) and a little olive oil.
As soon as the frittata is done serve with the salad.
This is a divine and happy summer lunch.
Bon appetite! and happy summer!
Heather x


Love your recipe Orla, now you have inspired me to go back to whole duck! For those of you who wish to use duck breasts, here are a few tips:
1. Try to get young tender duck breast, I get mine from Craig the farmer (yes in New York City!); it makes such a difference to the bricks you get elsewhere.
2. Dry thoroughly, then salt;
3. Add to warm pan, skin down;
4. Cook for 20 mins over medium to low heat;
5. Flip over, pour over sauce (made as Orla describes, can add thyme whilst cooking sauce too);and
6. Pop into pre heated oven (400oC) for 6 mins.
Viola, rest for 5 mins- delicious every time.
Well, there was the one time I added too much orange juice to sauce, Bella ( 8 yrs old and v discerning) not impressed.Loved the duck though. Serve with whipped potato and oriental broccoli rabe (less bitter). Enjoy xx

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